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Making Charity Differences to Australian PetsMaking Charity Differences to Australian Pets
Dispensed by Registered Australian Pet PharmacistsDispensed by Registered Australian Pet Pharmacists
A Large Range of Pet Prescription MedicinesA Large Range of Pet Prescription Medicines
Proudly Australian Owned & OperatedProudly Australian Owned & Operated

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Important Updates regarding Corona / COVID-19

We understand these are uncertain times for pet parents and their beloved pets, but we remain committed to providing you with your pet’s medication, food and essentials and to ensure stock availability through the coming months.

for all the latest information and updates regarding our services see our Important Updates page

Vet Supplies - Pet Chemist Online

Pet Guardians is Australia's favourite pet prescription medication online store. We provide Australian pet owners an innovative & convenient alternative for pet owners so that their pet's health is never compromised.

We are proud to be Australia's most competitive online pet store. Our wide range of pet products includes prescription medication, pet food, general pet health care products, flea & tick treatment products, treats and much more! We not only provide a FREE upgrade to express post for all medication orders under 500gms but also provide discounted shipping across Australia for all orders over $150.00.

Our team of experts love pets and work round the clock to provide the best possible solution for you & your pet. We stock reputed pet products & medication brands like Advantix, PAW, Sentinel, Royal Canin, Interceptor, Advantage and many more

Pet Pharmacy

Pet Guardians is an initiative of Pet Doctors of Australia. As in human health, medical and surgical advances have resulted in longer life expectancies and improved quality of life for our four legged friends. The cost of delivering these sophisticated treatments has come down over time however the costs overall are significant especially for those on an Aged Pension. Unlike other members of our community, Aged Pensioners, as a group have no capacity to be able to supplement or increase their income to the degree required to meet these costs. Too many times either substantial compromise to the pet’s treatment occurs, or the owner is put into financial duress.

Pet Guardians is a not for profit organisation. Our online store is our source of income. Through offering veterinary, pet pharmacy and pet products online at comparable prices and service to existing online stores, we hope Australian pet owners choose to purchase their products online through Pet Guardians so we can direct the profits to help other Australians less fortunate.

Of the existing charities in Australia the RSPCA and Animal Welfare Leagues would be some of the most well-known. Although these organisations do great work, their focus is not on helping owners of pets but rather pets that have been discarded or treated cruelly. As a senior vet at an Animal Welfare League shelter once said “we are a charity for animals, not people.”

Thank you in advance for your support from all the team @ Pet Guardians

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