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  1. To Treat Or Not To Treat? – That Is The Training Question

    Dogs can be trained at any time during their lifetimes and there’s nothing like the thrill when our furry best friend does a trick for the first time.

    Reward based training is without doubt one of the most powerful ways of getting our message across to our dogs, and those yummy treats are usually their best incentive.

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  2. Beat Those Summer Itches

    Summer can be a pain when it comes to sensitive skins and allergic pets, and no one likes to see their fur friends feeling uncomfortable. Warm weather brings about all sorts of pesky things and allergies, not to mention the fleas, ticks and other biters that can set off itchy spells in our pets.

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  3. Why One Bite Can Change Everything!

    They’re annoying to say the least, and when they bite it can itch for days, but did you know that a mosquito bite can mean a much more serious problem in our furry friends?

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  4. Common Illnesses In Mature Dogs

    Keeping an eye on your aging pet can make all the differenceAs your dog ages so too does their ability to ward off diseases and ailments. This means it is even more important to keep an eye on your mature pet for changes in his or her behaviour and get them to your Vet as soon as possible. With this in mind, we’ve listed several problems that mature dogs are susceptible to.


    Cause: A common ailment in our aging pets sees the damage of important cartilage between bone joints, causing inflammation, stiffness and pain.
    Signs: Limping, reluctance to move, difficulty standing and obvious pain when picked up. Your dog may lick the affected area or may even show aggression when touched.

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  5. Let Pet Guardians Help You With Those Furry New Year’s Resolutions

    New Year's Resolutions for your pet!

    It’s that time of year when we all reflect on ways to improve ourselves, and those furry friends of ours shouldn’t miss out! PET GUARDIANS has a large range of goodies to help with some of these furry resolutions.


    With a little management, getting that 2014 weight off your dog or cat doesn’t have to be a mission. Specially formulated food offering a complete and balanced diet can make all the difference to your fur friend, giving them a better quality of life and lessening the likelihood of weight related diseases in the future.

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