Monthly Archives: February 2015

  1. Taking Your Pet on Holiday!


    Don’t want to leave your furry friend behind when going away these school holidays? You don’t have to! With a little planning your entire family can enjoy some time away!

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  2. Dry Pet Food: How it's Made and What to Look Out For

    Learn how to choose the best quality pet food for your fur friend!

    They come in all different sizes and shapes; from large square bites, to little pellets, fish shapes, chicken shapes and everything in between. Making kibble is a baking process commonly known as extrusion where all the ingredients start as a dough.

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  3. Six Steps To Lengthen Your Pets Life

    Giving your pets the best quality mental and physical health is easy!

    Our pets live such short, little lives compared to the length of our own, but with these six steps your fur friend will have years added to their lifespan and profit from plenty of health benefits to boot!

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  4. Be My Valentine!

    Roses are red, violets are blue 

    Greenies are green, and say I love you!

    be my valentine

    Just thinking about the one you love gives you the warm fuzzies. That soft coat, happy tail, wet nose and unconditional affection is all you can ask for! It’s love!

    Our fur friends make the best Valentines for us and the biggest gift to them is just the pleasure of your company. But if you really want to spoil them you may want to know the facts. While we humans enjoy delicious goodies and treats of all sorts for Valentines, many of them are actually detrimental to our pets!

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  5. Why Owning a Pet is Good For You

    Our pets give back in more ways than one!

    Animals are used for all kinds of reasons and one of the most amazing is for therapy. Traumatised, sick and lonely people all find companionship with an animal, so it is no surprise that there are numerous health benefits of owning a pet.

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  6. Is Your Home Harming Your Pet?

    is your home harming your pet's health

    Do you use disinfectants and strong cleaning agents? Air fresheners? Pesticides and rodenticides? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes!” then this article for you!

    It may surprise you to learn that most pets are introduced to more toxic and dangerous chemicals in the home than any other place they frequent. So, let’s get serious about cleaning out those hazardous materials you probably didn't even know about and make our homes healthier for everyone!  


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