Monthly Archives: April 2015

  1. Teaching a Bird to Talk

    It’s never too late to teach your bird to talk!

    For those of you with birds, you know that some of them can live a long time. Take the Parrot, for example. A Parrot can live 60+ years, which gives them a lot of time to get bored in that cage day after day. But many birds are avid learners and there’s nothing like the rewards of talking to your pet and having them talk back to you.

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  2. Dealing With the Dreaded Doggy Smell!

    What is your dog’s strong body odour trying to tell you?

    Anyone who owns a dog knows that certain smell when a dog’s odour becomes too strong. It’s a smell that can take over any home, getting into the furniture, carpets, car, clothes... There’s no shame in admitting it, and it certainly doesn’t mean you love your fur friend any less, but no one likes that smell hanging around. So, here's how to deal with that whiffy puppy.

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  3. Bravecto is Now at PET GUARDIANS!

    Bravecto is now available on PET GUARDIANS

    We are very excited to announce that there has been a breakthrough in tick and flea control for our canine friends!

    For the first time we have a product that provides 100% protection against paralysis ticks for 4 months and 100% protection against fleas for 3 months (yes, that’s right … the ticks are more susceptible!)

    Never before has a product shown such effective control of these parasites during the pre-registration trials.

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  4. Illnesses Caused by Bad Diet

    Fat, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients all have important roles in our pet’s health!

    Good health starts with a good diet, for pets and pet-owners alike! There are all manner of problems your dog or cat could experience if they aren’t getting a high quality and well-balanced diet, and while nutritional-based illnesses can be nasty, they are also quite preventable.

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