Monthly Archives: August 2015

  1. The Best Way to Bath Your Dog

    Learn the best process to lather up your pooch!

    It is important not to bath your dog too often as this can cause irritations, skin problems and interrupt oil production for the skin and coat.

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  2. The Perils of Snail Bait

    snail bait: poisonous to snails, poisonous to pets

    Spring is always a popular time for snail bait in our gardens, but these kibble-like pellets can attract more than just garden pests.

    These pellets not just to snails but to our pets too. Even the so called “pet friendly” snail bait products out there are still dangerous to animals and each year Vets see many cases of pets who have ingested these poisons.

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  3. Peculiar Tick Facts

    Here are some facts about ticks you probably don’t know!

    Here are some facts about ticks you probably didn't know...

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