Monthly Archives: December 2015

  1. Storm Phobias

    storm phobias

    We’re heading back into storm season and this year won’t be any easier for those dogs that hate things that go BANG! In fact, in most cases fear of storms tends to worsen as our pets age. So, what can you do to help make experiencing a storm easier for your pet?

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  2. Creating the Best Cat Toilet

    Not all cat toilets are created equal!

    Cats are finicky creatures when it comes to the loo. The quieter and more private an area is the better, and the more soil available to cover up the evidence makes for a very happy cat! Using a litter tray is the most common practice for many cat owners, so here are the golden rules for keeping it fuss free!

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  3. Choosing A Balanced Diet for All Pets

    Health and happiness starts with a good balanced diet

    Keeping a healthy pet is all about balance and most importantly a balanced diet offering all essential nutrients they need to keep health problems away for a long and happy life.

    So, how do you know if your dog or cat’s food is balanced correctly? Here’s a simple way to break it down.

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