Monthly Archives: January 2016

  1. True and False Heartworm Myths

    True and False Heartworm MythsStarting with a simple mosquito bite and ending with a dangerous heartworm infection, the life cycle of these nasty parasites can easily include your pet if he or she is left unprotected!

    Here are some true and false myths surrounding heartworm infection!

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  2. My Furry Valentine

    Feeling a bit lonely for this Valentine's Day? We can prove why a furry valentine is better than any other and the many ways your pet can say “I love you!” this Valentine’s Day!

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  3. What is SRR?

    What is SRR?SRR refers to your pet's Sleeping Respiratory Rate. The SRR is a very useful tool in recognising the onset of or monitoring left sided congestive heart failure (CHF) in both dogs and cats.

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  4. Saving Paws from Hot Pavement

    Paws on Hot PavementMany owners don’t even think that a Summer stroll with their pooch can yield some pretty nasty results on their pet’s paws. Because we wear shoes we often overlook the fact that concrete and asphalt can reach scorching, paw pad burning temperatures, and our precious pooch faces the consequences.

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