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  1. 6 Facts You Never Knew About Your Dog's Nose

    NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO USE THEIR NOSE BETTER THAN YOUR DOG!They’re cute, wet and come in all shapes, and your dog’s nose is one of their most important assets when it comes to day to day life.

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  2. Can My Pet Drink Milk?

    Your cat shouldn't drink milk, but should your dog?It may surprise you to learn that cats actually shouldn’t drink milk. As for dogs...well, whether they can drink it is a bit more complicated...

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  3. Why Health Specific Foods Can Help Your Pet

    HEALTH SPECIFIC FOODS CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE TO YOUR PET’S LIFE!There are many choices when it comes to what you feed your pet, especially if they have a specific health condition. The most common conditions are dental disease, allergies, hairballs, joint health, and urinary tract issues, so let’s have a look at what the ingredients list of a good formulated food for these five conditions looks like!

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