Monthly Archives: July 2017

  1. It's Time For Flea Prevention!

    It's time to get serious about flea preventionSpring is just around the corner and as the days are getting longer, now's the time to ensure your pet is up to date with flea prevention!

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  2. Does Your Pet Have a Smoking Habit?

    SECOND HAND SMOKE CAN BE JUST AS DEADLY TO YOUR PET!Second hand smoke is not just a danger to humans, it also poses a great risk for pets as well. For various reasons, pets who’s owners smoke can suffer health issues at a much more serious level than pets who’s owners don’t. Here are some facts:

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  3. The Importance Of Water For Pets

    KEEPING YOUR PET HYDRATED IS JUST AS IMPORTANT IN THE WINTER MONTHS!Just like for humans, water is an important part of healthy, living cells in our pet’s bodies. Therefore, making sure your pet is getting enough of the stuff is as vital to keeping them feeling well as a whole, balanced diet.

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