Monthly Archives: September 2017

  1. 8 Ways To Ease Puppy Barking

    Easing Your Barking PuppyWhen puppies start barking it can drive their pet parents a little crazy, not to mention the neighbours! Barking is a healthy and normal development for pups that you don’t need to quash completely. With a little effort you can teach your new fur friend the difference between appropriate barking and non-appropriate barking with some simple steps.

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  2. Can My Cat Be Vegan?

    CAN MY CAT BE VEGAN?Embarking on a vegan diet might be suitable for some people but what about our feline friends?

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  3. What Is That Smell?

    WHAT IS THAT SMELL?If you’ve noticed your pet gets a bit pongy, you might be surprised that a bath isn’t always what is needed.

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