Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Dementia In Senior Pets

    Dementia in Senior PetsThere are several signs of Dementia in senior pets. These signs will warn you that all is not right with your pet and should never be ignored. Many of them may be considered a bit “odd” to pet parents, but all behavioural changes in your pet happen for a reason and should be seen by your vet as soon as possible.

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  2. Get Rid of Urine Stains on Your Grass

    Get Rid Of Urine Stains On Your GrassIf you are frustrated with the urine stains on your lawn then you are not alone! Thankfully, this problem has a few easy solutions that will leave you with much better grass in just a short time!

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  3. Stop Hot Spots In Their Tracks!

    Stop Hot Spots in their Tracks!Hot spots are a moist dermatitis which are most commonly caused by bacteria. They look like a sticky, raw and red patch of skin and will be a constant annoyance to your pet.

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