1. The Best Halloween Pet Safety Tips

    The Best Halloween Pet Safety Tips

    From scary ghosts to jack-o-lanterns, this Halloween can prove a bit of a challenge for our four legged friends.

    Don’t let your little ones become a victim by keeping to our top Halloween tips!

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  2. All About Probiotics

    All About Probiotics

    Just like humans, 70% of our pet’s immune system resides in their gut, making their digestive system an integral part of their health and wellbeing.

    Probiotics are little machines of goodness that can give your pet’s immune system a real boost on a daily basis so here's everything you need to know!

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  3. High Blood Pressure In Pets

    High Blood Pressure in PetsFor some pets, measuring their blood pressure is essential for a more thorough veterinary examination. An elevation in blood pressure (or hypertension) can indicate an underlying disease and if left undetected, can cause damage to organs and in some cases, be life threatening.

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  4. Ways To Keep Them Cool This Summer!

    Ways To Keep Them Cool This Summer!The summer heat can really affect our pets so how do you best keep your pet cool this summer?

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  5. How Old Is Your Pet?

    How Old Is Your Pet?Understanding the way your pet develops over the years can be basically broken down by reviewing his or her general age in human years, which can be done with a few simple calculations.

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  6. Keeping Your Pet Bird Happy and Content

    Keeping Your Pet Bird HappyBoredom and depression can be quite common in our pets if they are not kept happy, and this goes for birds too! Birds are remarkably intelligent and need to be looked after, and these basic tips are quick and easy to make sure your feathery friend is kept content in life.

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  7. Does Your Pet Have a Smoking Habit?

    SECOND HAND SMOKE CAN BE JUST AS DEADLY TO YOUR PET!Second hand smoke is not just a danger to humans, it also poses a great risk for pets as well. For various reasons, pets who’s owners smoke can suffer health issues at a much more serious level than pets who’s owners don’t. Here are some facts:

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  8. The Importance Of Water For Pets

    KEEPING YOUR PET HYDRATED IS JUST AS IMPORTANT IN THE WINTER MONTHS!Just like for humans, water is an important part of healthy, living cells in our pet’s bodies. Therefore, making sure your pet is getting enough of the stuff is as vital to keeping them feeling well as a whole, balanced diet.

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  9. The Key To Your Pet's Good Health

    THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS THE CORNER STONE TO GOOD HEALTH IN OUR PETS.The immune system is important to your pet’s overall health, as well as warding off diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer and infections. So if we told you that you can strengthen your pet's immune system with some easy steps then we know you’ll want to know more!

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  10. The Importance of Magnesium

    Magnesium is vital to pets as well as humansMagnesium is an essential Macromineral, meaning that it is needed in a fairly large supply in the body. Like most Macrominerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride, and sulfur) the body requires more than it can produce. Therefore, diet is required to fill the gap between what is naturally in the body and what it actually requires.

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