1. Spring Skin


    Spring is in the air, but with the warmer weather comes the inconvenient things that cause itchy skin!

    Fleas commonly set off an attack of the itches, but pets can also be allergic to grasses, trees, plant pollen, dust mites and moulds, as well as certain foods.

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  2. Can Cats Really Get Asthma?

    Cats with Asthma

    Asthma can be a debilitating disease in humans but did you know that our feline friends are also susceptible to this life-changing condition?

    It helps to learn what to look out for in your feline friend.

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  3. Why Dogs Eat Poo

    Does your furry friend have a taste for the unmentionable?

    It’s a pretty dirty habit, but there can be many valid reasons why your pet eats poo (aka coprophagy).

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  4. Winter Pets

    Winter is here, read our top tips to help keep your pet safe:

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  5. What It Means When Your Pet Vomits

    You hear that familiar sound which means your beloved fur baby is about to bring up whatever is in their stomach and it’s panic stations!

    But if you have managed to get them outside in time you’re now worried about what has caused them to be sick...

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  6. How To Keep A Senior Pet Happy

    How To Keep A Senior Pet Happy

    Senior pets are special. They are loyal and loving and in most cases, will have been through a number of major life events with you.

    The senior years can creep up on our furry friends and most people aren’t even aware that dogs and cats are classified as senior when they reach 8 years of age!

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  7. Top 5 Signs of Poor Nutrition

    Top 5 Signs of Poor Nutrition

    You would be amazed how nutrition can play a big role in your pet’s overall physical and mental health, from joints, skin, coat and even their behaviour!

    Because our pets can’t talk to us about how they are feeling we need to use our perception to recognise the signs of poor nutrition, and here are the top five!

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  8. Pet Profile: All About Guinea Pigs

    Pet Profile: All About Guinea Pigs

    Guinea pigs make great pets. They are very friendly and are a little easier to handle than rabbits.

    They make ideal pets for kids at preschool or above and it's important to remember that they require a good diet and careful husbandry to help prevent health problems.

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  9. My cat is so hungry but is still losing weight

    My cat is so hungry but is still losing weight

    It’s not an unusual presentation, an elderly cat that is losing weight but is ravenous day and night.

    Once diabetes, another common cause of these symptoms, has been ruled out it may very well be the endocrine (hormonal) disease hyperthyroidism.

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  10. Our Top Skin Care Tips For Your Pet

    Our Top Skin Care Tips For Your Pet

    Here are our top tips for taking care of your pet's skin and preventing those itches.

    When it comes to managing the itchy pet, there is no magic pill! It's all about prevention of parasites and taking action before things get out of control.

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