1. The Truth About Dog Bones

    Dog Bones

    Whilst it is really tempting to share tasty Christmas roast leftovers with your pet, it’s safest to immediately dispose of any cooked turkey or ham bone remnants into a large, secure outdoor bin, where your pet can’t access them.

    Here is why!

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  2. Toxic Christmas Foods

    Christmas Foods

    During the holiday season, many of us want to be able to treat our pets a little too!

    So, we would like to provide an official “naughty or nice” Christmas food list, outlining which foods are potentially harmful to your pet, and which ones you can safely surprise them with for a little seasonal joy!

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  3. Chubby Kitties and Fat Cats

    Chubby KittiesUnfortunately, feline obesity is increasingly common, and brings with it an increased risk of issues such as diabetes, fatty liver disease, urinary tract disease and arthritis.

    Here are some ways to help your chubby kitty or fat cat get into their "Summer body"!

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  4. Not Just A "Lazy Bones"!

    Overweight Dog

    If your dog seems to be tiring quickly on walks, don’t just chalk it up to “laziness” or old age.

    Certain medical issues can also reduce exercise tolerance – here are a few common ones that are worth bearing in mind for any older pet who’s slowing down a bit!

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  5. Hormones and Weight Gain

    Overweight pets

    Whilst changes in a pet’s body condition are often related to lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, did you know that there are some cases where significant weight changes can be the result of an underlying medical issue?

    This includes endocrine conditions (hormonal imbalances), which can actually alter your pet’s metabolism!

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  6. How To Help An Overweight Pet Lose Extra Kgs!

    overweight pet

    It’s estimated that up to 50% of dogs are overweight!

    In many cases, their well-meaning owners may not actually realise that they have an overweight pet!

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  7. Medicating Your Pet

    Pilling Pets

    We know giving oral medications to your pet can be tricky, especially if your pet isn’t the cooperative type.

    Medicate like a pro with these tips:

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  8. Springtime Means Itchy Skin

    Springtime means itchy skin

    As the warmth of spring arrives, our furry friends can become itchy due to skin allergies caused by grasses, pollens and other allergens.

    These allergens can be dust mites, mould, certain types of food, and some insects. Some pets can also have irritated skin as a result of flea infestations.

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  9. the Winter Weigh-In

    Winter Weigh In

    Shorter winter days and more time at home may mean your pet has been a little less active, and perhaps has even had a few extra snacks on the side.

    Never fear, to prevent a portly pet emerging this spring, we are here to help combat winter weight gain!

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  10. Can Probiotics Help My Pet


    There is plenty of scientific evidence that supports the benefits of probiotics in humans, but what about our pets?

    Can probiotics help your pet and when should you use them?

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