Pet News

  1. Giants Among Us

    giant dog breeds

    Despite their intimidating size, giant breeds such as bernese mountain dogs, dogue de bordeaux and mastiffs are often devoted, gentle and sensitive family members.

    It’s important to be aware that these “Big Friendly Giants” will naturally cost more to maintain than the average dog, needing more food, bigger “dog furniture”, and larger doses of any medications. They will also require special care and training to keep them healthy and easy to handle.

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  2. Snootiful Sighthounds

    SighthoundsWhether you’re thinking of adopting an adult greyhound or welcoming a whippet pup into the household, you’re in for a treat!

    As well as looking like the perfect cross between a dog and a reindeer, sighthounds are generally gentle, sweet dogs who make loyal and interactive family members. Read on for some of the benefits and potential challenges of owning a sighthound!

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  3. Lapping Up The Attention

    Lap DogsThe companionship and comfort of a little dog curled up on your lap can be a real positive for mental health.

    Whilst many dogs love a good cuddle, breeds such as chihuahuas, poodles, shih tzus and maltese have a particular reputation for being devoted lapdogs.

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  4. Things That Go BANG In The Night!


    As the festive season is in full swing and New Year's Eve approaches, you can bet there will be fireworks going off somewhere.

    You might enjoy the show but your dog may find fireworks excruciatingly loud and absolutely terrifying.

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  5. The Truth About Dog Bones

    Dog Bones

    Whilst it is really tempting to share tasty Christmas roast leftovers with your pet, it’s safest to immediately dispose of any cooked turkey or ham bone remnants into a large, secure outdoor bin, where your pet can’t access them.

    Here is why!

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  6. Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Cat

    Christmas cat

    Looking for the “purr-fect” Christmas gift for your cat?

    Whilst there are some pretty excellent cat toys available online, it’s also possible to give your cat a great home-made present too!

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  7. Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Dog

    Christmas Dog

    For a very happy canine this Christmas, consider organising one of these dog-friendly gifts for your four-legged friend!

    We've put together a list of what will make your dog's Christmas the best it can be!

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  8. Toxic Christmas Foods

    Christmas Foods

    During the holiday season, many of us want to be able to treat our pets a little too!

    So, we would like to provide an official “naughty or nice” Christmas food list, outlining which foods are potentially harmful to your pet, and which ones you can safely surprise them with for a little seasonal joy!

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  9. Chubby Kitties and Fat Cats

    Chubby KittiesUnfortunately, feline obesity is increasingly common, and brings with it an increased risk of issues such as diabetes, fatty liver disease, urinary tract disease and arthritis.

    Here are some ways to help your chubby kitty or fat cat get into their "Summer body"!

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  10. Not Just A "Lazy Bones"!

    Overweight Dog

    If your dog seems to be tiring quickly on walks, don’t just chalk it up to “laziness” or old age.

    Certain medical issues can also reduce exercise tolerance – here are a few common ones that are worth bearing in mind for any older pet who’s slowing down a bit!

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