1. Spring Skin


    Spring is in the air, but with the warmer weather comes the inconvenient things that cause itchy skin!

    Fleas commonly set off an attack of the itches, but pets can also be allergic to grasses, trees, plant pollen, dust mites and moulds, as well as certain foods.

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  2. Can Cats Really Get Asthma?

    Cats with Asthma

    Asthma can be a debilitating disease in humans but did you know that our feline friends are also susceptible to this life-changing condition?

    It helps to learn what to look out for in your feline friend.

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  3. The 3 Signs of Dental Disease

    Dental disease is one of the most common conditions we see in veterinary practice.

    The problem is, it’s an insidious disease and pet owners often don’t even realise their pet has an issue until it is pointed out.

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  4. Winter Pets

    Winter is here, read our top tips to help keep your pet safe:

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  5. How To Keep A Senior Pet Happy

    How To Keep A Senior Pet Happy

    Senior pets are special. They are loyal and loving and in most cases, will have been through a number of major life events with you.

    The senior years can creep up on our furry friends and most people aren’t even aware that dogs and cats are classified as senior when they reach 8 years of age!

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  6. Could your pet have arthritis?

    Could your pet have arthritis?

    If you’re finding it a bit harder to get out of bed on these colder mornings, spare a thought for your pet.

    Arthritis loves to rear its ugly head around this time of the year and the reason your pet might be sleeping in more than usual could be due to pain.

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  7. My cat is so hungry but is still losing weight

    My cat is so hungry but is still losing weight

    It’s not an unusual presentation, an elderly cat that is losing weight but is ravenous day and night.

    Once diabetes, another common cause of these symptoms, has been ruled out it may very well be the endocrine (hormonal) disease hyperthyroidism.

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  8. Happy and Healthy Ears

    Happy and Healthy Ears

    Summer is a great time to take your dog swimming but did you know that an innocent dip can lead to an ear infection for your dog?

    Ear infections are painful for your furry friend so here's how to spot them!

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  9. Flat-faced dogs cant stand the heat

    Flat-faced dogs cant stand the heat

    It's time to crank the air-conditioning for flat-faced dogs such as the Pug, French Bulldog and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

    These dogs (known as Brachycephalic breeds) are not very well designed for our hot summer months and are very susceptible to heat stress.

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  10. Do Lighter Coloured Dogs have More Skin Issues?

    Do Lighter Coloured Dogs have More Skin Issues?

    Does your furry friend have a lighter coat or lighter patches of fur?

    Dogs with lighter coats are just as beautiful as those with darker coats, but they are prone to a few more skin conditions than normal.

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