5 Scary Things Dental Disease Can Cause

Periodontal disease is no fun, but there are 5 other scary ways bad dental health is harming your pet!

If your pet is suffering from poor oral health the result can lead to devastating consequences, such as disease, complications and even a broken jaw!


Inflammation is caused because an infection in your pet’s body triggers the immune system. It’s a natural response that kills the bacteria but unfortunately also destroys tissue. The more severe the infection, the more severe the inflammation and the greater the risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream on a path to other parts of the body. It’s a hit to your pet’s health that can easily be avoided.


Scary links have been discovered between periodontal disease and heart disease, like endocarditis. The bacteria found in the mouth has been linked to the same bacteria found in an infected heart valve, which is strong evidence to suggest that serious dental issues affect the functioning of the heart.


Diabetes and periodontal disease are linked together in a vicious cycle in which one makes the other more severe and vice versa. This happens because infections that are associated with periodontal disease can affect the blood sugar metabolism. This makes controlling the disease more complicated as the body becomes less sensitive to insulin.


Dogs are mostly silent when it comes to pain, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. While sometimes there is evidence of drooling, lack of appetite, swelling or bleeding, this is not always the case. By the time there are symptoms it means that the dog or cat has been living in pain silently for quite some time and many owners have reported that once the disease is resolved their pet has a new lease on life.


Frighteningly enough, poor oral hygiene can actually cause a broken jaw. It’s a more common symptom in small breeds with large teeth like Chihuahuas, Lhasa Apso, Maltese and Shih Tzus. Decaying teeth cause weakness in the structure of the jaw so that the smallest jolt can cause a fracture. Now imagine the pain that would cause your furry best friend!

All these symptoms can easily be avoided with a solid oral hygiene regimen. We’ve seen dogs come in for dental procedures regularly, but the ones with the best teeth are those that have their owners taking care of their teeth from home.