There are five big steps that can make all the difference to your pet’s dental health!

Taking care of your pet's mouth at home can make all the difference and even prevent major procedures in the future! 

 1. Brush your dog’s teeth daily 

Just like with human teeth, your pet’s toothy pegs need a nice brush everyday to prevent build-up. Pet Guardians has the tools that will make this task as easy as possible. We have finger brushes and pet-friendly toothpaste your pet will actually like the taste of! (be aware that you should not use human grade toothpaste on your pet as it can contain dangerous ingredients your dog should not swallow)

 2. Feed a quality diet 

Some dogs will benefit from dental diets that “scrub” their teeth as they chew, such as Hill's Prescription Dental Care and Advance Dental Diet. We recommend that you talk to your vet before changing their diet on what option is best.

 3. Give dental treats and toys 

Pet-safe treats, such as Greenies and Prozym Dental Chews, are an easy way to give them a daily chew-fest which will clean their teeth as they chomp down. Toys that aren’t hard, like rubber balls, and often toys in which you can hide treats also assist in creating a simultaneous cleaning effect as they chew.

 4. Try a water additive 

Healthy Mouth is a simple way to keep their teeth sparkling. Simply adding the diluted solution to their water has proven some amazing results and is practically effortless!

 5. Take your pet to the Vet for a regular dental check 

Your Vet will be able to give your pet a basic examination and may suggest a scale and polish to remove plaque and tartar buildup. They will be able to assess what step is best to take towards giving your pet their best, healthiest smile!