Tips for a Beautiful CoatLike us, many dogs change their outfits to suit the season. Certain times of the year will mean more fur around the place as your dog sheds additional fur to make way for a new coat. While this is perfectly normal we can recommend the best practices for keeping your furry friend’s coat looking and feeling its best!

During seasons like Spring and Autumn you may notice that your dog loses more fur than normal. Don’t worry, this is a usual occurance as the new undercoat is formed and the old one falls out. Regular brushing should help the hairfall in most breeds (like staffies and Labradors), but if your dog has wiry, curly or thick fur (like border collies, schnauzers, labradoodles etc) then it is worth finding an experienced groomer to deal with removing or “plucking” the shedding layer for a healthy transition.

Any dog will benefit from a brushing and for most it is an enjoyable experience. Dogs with long, thick, wiry or curly coats need regular brushing with a sturdy comb or brush to stop matting and knotting. Check the paws, ears and tail area regularly and carefully remove any knots or matted fur with scissors. For dogs with smoother, shorter fur we recommend the occasional go over with a rubber bristled brush. Over-brushing or brushing too vigorously can actually lead to more shedding so make sure you go easy!

Tips on brushing: To get your dog used to brushing first sit with them calmly and stroking their ears, back and legs. If they are at ease then start with gentle strokes of the brush down their neck and back. If they remain calm and content then you can start on the more difficult areas, like the legs, armpits and tail. Use a reassuring voice during the process.

If you are unsure on the best type of brush or how to brush your dog it is best to seek the advice of a groomer.

Bathing should not be done more than one or two times a fortnight at most, as over-washing can strip essential oils from the skin and coat and cause bigger problems. Human shampoos are far too strong for our four-legged friends so we recommend these pet-friendly alternatives. After you have shampooed your dog you can opt for a leave-in conditioner. If you want to go a step further, fresh coat spray is a wonderful product for reducing that doggie smell between baths.

A beautiful coat is the product of good food and lifestyle. If your dog is fit and healthy it is going to show, so providing a balanced diet of good, nutritious food that contains plenty of animal protein and fats and a dose of daily exercise is considered the gold standard of pet care.


A dog that has bad breath may create even more of an odour when licking him or herself. Dental disease is a prevalent concern in pets, but it can easily be prevented. If you notice that your pet’s breath is not as sweet-smelling as it should be we recommend seeing your vet for a dental health check as poor oral hygiene can be the forerunner to more serious issues.

Is there a more serious problem?
Bald patches, scaling, itching and excessive fur loss are common skin issues in pets, and these issues cannot be helped by brushing and washing your dog. If you notice any of these signs it may be the cause of allergies, food allergies, infections, fungal infections, fleas, parasites or thyroid issues. We recommend you take your pet to the vet for a check up to determine what is causing these problems.

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