The best eating experience for your pooch is just a dog’s bowl away!

When buying food bowls for dogs you may have noticed a fair range at the pet store. What’s the reason for this? There are so many different shapes and sizes of dogs that not all of them eat equally. Some have short snouts, others long, some have great height and some stand low to the ground. That’s why choosing the right bowl for your dog is important in giving him a comfortable eating experience. Here’s what you need to know.


Elevated Dog Bowl

Elevated bowl for an elevated dog. If your pooch is large or tall or prone to back/neck problems then this is the bowl for you! These bowls are elevated off the ground and, with the right height, can reduce stress, improve comfort and ease pressure on damaged joints. Measure your dog’s height from shoulder blades to the ground and determine which bowl is best.


20 – 30CM = 10 CM BOWL
30 – 40CM = 20CM BOWL
40 – 50CM = 30CM BOWL


Narrow Dog Bowls

Long fur and ears can get into a real mess when dinner time comes around. A narrow bowl with a wide base and steep sides is ideal for letting your dog’s snout get in, keeping those dangly ears out and making for a better eating experience and much less mess!


Shallow Dog Bowls

What do a Bulldog, Pug and Pekingese have in common? Flat noses!

Because these breeds tend to have breathing problems and partial obstruction of the upper respiratory system a shallower bowl with low sides is ideal. This bowl will ease strain and pressure that higher bowls usually put on the throat and airway.
For the same reason it is also recommended for small puppies.


Deep Dog Bowls

Dachshunds, Wolfhounds, Greyhounds and Collies have the longest snouts of the canine world, meaning a deep bowl is the best for serving up their favourite meal!


Slow Feeding Bowls

Most of our dogs adore their food. They look for it, sniff it, beg for it. It is one of their favourite times of day – so it is no surprise that when our fur friends have that food in front of them they wolf it down like there is no tomorrow!

Step in the slow feeding bowl! Ideal for those pooches who scarf a meal in 5 seconds flat like they are in a competition, but also risk regurgitation shortly after, excessive gas and possibly the deadly bloat. This bowl usually includes a fixed obstacle that forces your pet to navigate around to finish their food, effectively slowing their progress towards World’s Fastest Canine Guzzler! If anything, this bowl will stop their chances of choking and improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

Hopefully we’ve given you a good foundation for finding the best bowl suited for your pooch. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what has and hasn’t worked for your fur friend’s eating experience.