Bravecto is now available on PET GUARDIANS

We are very excited to announce that there has been a breakthrough in tick and flea control for our canine friends!

For the first time we have a product that provides 100% protection against paralysis ticks for 4 months and 100% protection against fleas for 3 months (yes, that’s right … the ticks are more susceptible!)

Never before has a product shown such effective control of these parasites during the pre-registration trials.

A single tablet given every 3 months at the start of each season is all it takes. No more messy topicals and your dog can get wet in the bath or swim at any time!

Bravecto is very safe and can be given to dogs from 8 weeks of age provided they weigh at least 2kg.

Bravecto is available from PET GUARDIANS now for dogs of all sizes. Please contact us if you require more information.