Can My Pet Get Sunburnt?

The clear and simple answer is: YES! Your pet can get sunburnt by our powerful Aussie sun!

Because our pets love to spend a lot of time outdoors it is important that they are protected just as you would protect a child from those harmful rays.


Some dogs are more likely to be burnt than others. If your pooch has short hair, exposed skin or light fur it is easier for the sun to reach their skin to burn it. If their skin underneath their coat is fair then that is also an indication that they will burn easily. Other risky areas include dogs that lay on their backs in the sun, bald spots, light coloured noses and post surgery stitches. And, of course, simply pooches that spend more time outdoors during the day.


In the Summer a lot of people tend to give their dogs a haircut. Keep in mind that your dog’s coat acts as a temperature regulator in both the Summer and the Winter, keeping them warm in some months and cooler in the others, so unless you really want to remove some of their coat a haircut is actually not necessary. Shortening their coat is also one of the ways to increase their exposure to harmful UV rays.

We strongly recommend that you do not use your human sunscreen on your pets. One of the most common ingredients in our sunscreens is zinc oxide, an effective component for protecting our skins and a substance that is extremely toxic to our furry friends. And when we say toxic, we mean it can seriously harm their red blood cells if ingested! Therefore, pet-friendly sunscreens are a must for our pets.


Apply a layer gently on any exposed areas, avoiding inside the ears and nose to avoid irritation. Only apply to external areas. Pet Guardians has an excellent brand of pet-friendly sunscreen called Filta-Bac, which is also an antibacterial, antiseptic and wound protectant cream and doesn't contain alcohol, which dries out the skin.

Of course, the first defence against the sun is to keep your dog from spending long amounts of time outdoors, especially during high UV times, but we all have to live our lives and have fun so Filta-Bac is a great second defence.