Cane toads are in seasons and their skin can poison our pets!CANE TOADS are out and about at the moment and can often make themselves at home in your garden. We are urging all pet parents to keep an eye out because these toads have a toxic substance on their skin which can very likely get into your pets mouth if they pick them up! It only takes a lick from a curious dog or cat for the poison to transfer. Read more to find out how to deter them and what symptoms to look out for!

Cane toads are attracted to water and light, so your backyard will be heaven to a cane toad if you have a pond/body of fresh water or garden lights. Also, board up any broken bits of fence or fencing with holes in it to make it harder for them to find access.

We encourage all pet owners to SEEK VETERINARY ASSISTANCE IMMEDIATELY if they notice any of the following symptoms:

• red gums
• excess salivation
• vomiting
• weakness
• arrhythmia
• seizures
• breathing difficulties

Any of these symptoms should be taken seriously as cane toad toxicity can be fatal. 

 PLEASE NOTE:   Do not try to hose your pet’s mouth out or pour water down their throat as this can force water into their lungs. It is better to use a wet cloth to rub the toxins off the tongue, gums and teeth as soon as possible before taking them to see your vet.