Not all cat toilets are created equal!

Cats are finicky creatures when it comes to the loo. The quieter and more private an area is the better, and the more soil available to cover up the evidence makes for a very happy cat! Using a litter tray is the most common practice for many cat owners, so here are the golden rules for keeping it fuss free!

 1.    Provide a tray for every cat in the house plus an additional tray - two cats should have three trays.
 2.    Place the tray in a quiet area.
 3.    Remove faeces daily and change the litter entirely every 2-3 days.
 4.    Never use cleaning chemicals in the tray - rinse with warm water.
 5.    Don't use fragranced litter or plastic liners as cats hate these.
 6.    Some cats hate a covered tray as it traps the smell, while others prefer the security, so you might need to see what works for your cat.

Keeping clean is one of your cat’s top priorities, meaning a deep and large litter tray is very attractive to them. If you are following all the above rules and making sure that the environment is perfect for your feline friend and it is still not working you may need further evaluation by your Vet. There may be other medical issues, such as a urinary tract infection or even anxiety, which are complicating the problem and making things difficult for your feline companion.