Choosing The Right Joint Supplement

Knowing what to look for in a joint supplement for your pet can be a confusing task as there are so many different options out there.

With arthritis and poor joint health being a common issue for our furry friends, it’s doubly important to make sure that the supplement they are on is effective for managing and preventing further wear and tear and doesn’t contain inferior ingredients.

Here’s a short guide on what to look for:


The active ingredients in your pet’s joint supplement will make all the difference.

#1 active ingredient – Glucosamine helps support joint repair.

#2 active ingredient – Chondroitin works to support elasticity and thickness of joint cartilage. When used together with glucosamine, these two ingredients are like a powerhouse for your pet’s joints.

#3 active ingredient – MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) is a sulfur compound which acts like an anti-imflammatory and anti-oxidant to promote cartilage repair in the body.

#4 active ingredient – Green-Lipped Mussel contains eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA and eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA), which are omega-3 fatty acids that work to reduce inflammation, plus supporting skin and coat health. The green-lipped mussel is also a great source of chondroitin.


Some brands will make a supplement or vitamin more enticing to our furry friends by offering them in a chew form that will make your pet feel like they are getting a reward. GLYDE MOBILITY CHEWS and JOINT GUARD LIVER CHEWS are examples of highly palatable chews your pet will love straight out of your hand! It is very handy to have something that your pet will eat easily, but if not then chews can always be broken up and sprinkled over meals. In this case it may be worth buying a powder alternative.

A good quality supplement is one of the best ways to help prevent your pet from developing arthritis, as well as helping manage symptoms in the case that it already exists. With some of these ingredients your pet will be well on his way to happier and healthier joints.