Keeping your furry friend’s ears clean is gold standard for pet hygiene, especially if your best friend has those adorable, furry and floppy ears! Moisture and dirt can easily get trapped and if not cleaned properly can lead to ear infections.

If you’re new to ear cleaning or even want a better way of doing it, then try our rewards based approach. Most dogs are not all too fond of having something shoved in their ears so making them comfortable with the process is priority number one!

Get some delicious treats that your fur friend cannot resist. Pet Guardians have a number of healthy options that your pets will love that are also easy to treat with (including tasty LIVER TREATS!).

Get comfortable with your dog – Most dogs who have already experienced an ear clean will know exactly what it means when you get the bottle of cleaner out! Simply try to encourage them to sit with you by getting the treats out and tempting them with something they cannot resist and placing the cleaner on the ground nearby.

Start by just rubbing your dog’s ears. Do this often, even when you aren’t cleaning, so they get used to the sensation. When your dog is relaxed take the nozzle of the ear cleaner and gently touch the tip of his ear. Praise with treats!

Once your dog is comfortable with the nozzle touching him it’s time to start the cleaning. Be wary that because the cleaner may feel strange it is best to pull the nozzle out if he starts to shake his head. Massage the base of the ear as you would when rubbing his ears so he gets a nice ear rub.

If you and your furry friend is new to this process it is best to let it happen naturally and not force anything. It may take more than one attempt before you have a dog that will tolerate a good ear clean!

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