DENTAL DISEASE IS FAR TOO COMMON IN PETSThere's no doubt about it, dental disease in our pets really stinks! It is one of the most common problems we see in veterinary practice and not only is it painful for your pet, the increased bacteria in the mouth can be associated with other conditions such as kidney disease, heart disease and liver disease. As many as eight in ten pets have dental disease!


  • Smelly breath
  • Drooling or dropping food from the mouth
  • A loss of appetite or weight loss


A lack of chewing sinew and muscle (such as pets would develop catching food in the wild) allows plaque and tartar to build up around the teeth. Loads of cheeky bacteria appear and this leads to inflammation and eventual loss of the attachments that hold the teeth in place.


Dogs and cats with dental disease need a general anaesthetic to assess the teeth and clean thoroughly under the gum line. Teeth that are severely diseased and potentially painful are generally removed and this helps to prevent problems in the future.


Wet and soft food diets are notorious for allowing plaque and tartar to accumulate. It is vital that your pet is on a premium quality diet that helps to clean their teeth as they chew.

There are also many home care dental health options for dogs and cats available on Pet Guardians at low prices! We also stock various high quality dental diets that will provide specialised formulas to remove plaque and reduce build up in your pet's mouth.

We always recommend that you speak with your vet before changing your pet's routine or diet.