You've just noticed something strange about your furry friend, and you want to know if it's normal or not

You've just noticed something strange about your furry friend, and you want to know if it's normal or not. Well, here is a list of anatomy parts on your furry friend that appear weird, but are actually quite normal.


Some dogs will have an extra rib sticking out their side, which is often presented as a strange lump that feels like a tumour under the skin. This is an odd piece of cartilage at the end of the rib bone that can protrude, but is otherwise harmless.


Skin tags are generally caused by a virus in the body, and can often be present on older dogs. Most of the time skin tags will eventually fall off on their own, and are harmless apart from the fact that they can look a bit funny. Some of these tags can appear like an engorged tick. If you are ever worried, get a magnifying glass and check if there are legs sticking out. If yes, it’s time to get your pooch to the vet!


Known as the bump on the top of your dog’s skull that is more prominent in certain slender breeds, like Dobermans, Wymeranos and Collies. This bump is a completetly normal part of your dog’s skull. It should not move if you press on it.


This is a common anomaly in older dogs and is also known as blue cast eyes. Not to be confused with cataracts, this condition occurs when the lens fibres stiffen and doesn’t seem to have any effect on the vision of the dog.


Hard, hairless and a bit rough, the skin on your dog’s elbows naturally toughens as a way of protecting the bone underneath if they are often laying on hard flooring.


Dogs generally have 6 – 8 nipples, but the amount can vary from dog to dog, and some can even have more!

Just like our own bodies, the bodies of our pets can have some weird but harmless anomalies.

If you are ever concerned it is best to take your pet to the vet for a check over. While we advise that the above are normal, there are always exceptions to the rule so it is best to err on the side of caution if you are feeling that something is amiss.