What is your dog’s strong body odour trying to tell you?

Anyone who owns a dog knows that certain smell when a dog’s odour becomes too strong. It’s a smell that can take over any home, getting into the furniture, carpets, car, clothes... There’s no shame in admitting it, and it certainly doesn’t mean you love your fur friend any less, but no one likes that smell hanging around. So, here's how to deal with that whiffy puppy.



Dogs perspire from their paws and also very slightly from the follicles of their hair, giving off a scent that is completely individual to each dog. It is also natural for dogs to produce oil to condition their skin and fur which also gives off its own unique scent for other dogs to appreciate.

Solution: If your dog is a bit smelly it may simply mean a bath is in order with some pleasant smelling pet shampoo and conditioner.


Your dog’s ears naturally have a yeast-like smell which is produced by glands in their ears and regular grooming / bathing should control this. However, ear infections usually affect dogs that have lots of hair or floppy ears and can cause a strong, decay-like smell that should be immediately brought to the attention of your Vet.

Solution: Soak a cotton ball or pad in ear cleansing solution and clean the inner ear of excess wax. This can be done once or twice a month to maintain ear health. Dogs with floppy ears need more frequent cleaning than those without. It is also a good idea to remove some of the hair inside the ear to deter ear mites from moving in.


Anal sacs give off a smell all of their own. If you’ve smelled them before then you know what we’re talking about. This scent is like a unique marker for our dogs to identify each other, but when the anal sacs are blocked and unable to drain naturally it’s also a smell you do not want around your home. When this happens it is painful for your pet and they will try to lick and bite themselves excessively.

Solution: In such a case a visit to the Vet for drainage and treatment will make all the difference in the world!


Often a malady affecting dogs with skin folds, skin infections can occur from moisture, microorganisms and/or excessive scratching. Due to this your dog’s skin may be producing an overabundance of oil or an inadequate amount of oil to protect the skin. This can also be made worse with more frequent bathing.

Solution: Many highly scented shampoos will only worsen a skin condition. In contrast, there are several medicated shampoos designed to soothe and treat the symptoms of an irritated skin. Try to limit baths to once or twice a month and brush weekly. If it is necessary to bath more often only use water.


Bad breath often means there’s a deeper issue going on in your dog’s mouth. It can mean an infected tooth and should be taken seriously. Infections in the mouth are easily able to spread to other parts of your pet’s body if left unattended, causing much more serious problems. Not to mention the pain your pet will be suffering.

Solution: The smell of metal or decay is definitely an indication that it is time for a dental check, which many Veterinarian practices offer for free. Practicing dental hygiene daily with your pet is as simple as feeding them a specific dental diet, using pet toothpaste on a brush, or even adding Aquadent to their water. You can see our full range of canine dental products here.


It’s natural for the body to produce gas, but if your dog is producing an abundance of bad smells, diarrhea or constipation it may be time to change their diet.

Solution: Speak to your Veterinarian about your dog’s intestinal health and how it can be improved.

Your dog's body odour may reach an overpowering point, but it may also be telling you more about your pet's health than you realise. If you have any concerns seek Veterinary advice immediately. For more questions on any of our products please contact PET GUARDIANS.