Fleas and ticks are not just a problem for the warmer months!

Most people think that flea and tick prevention is only needed during the warmer months of the year, but it is a sad fact that fleas love Winter. Why? Because their eggs love a warm house to hatch in!

Maybe you’ve noticed your dog has a case of the itches or that your cat is over grooming herself, or, heaven forbid, you have itchy ankles – it could be a case of FLEAS!


Although flea eggs require warmer temperatures to hatch, there is nothing stopping them becoming an infestation in your house when you’ve turned the heating on to keep warm. Similarly, warmer climates or temperatures above freezing can cause ticks to wake from their winter slumber and become active again. Therefore, we recommend that you continue using flea and tick prevention throughout the year to ensure than none of these nasty critters become residents on your pet or in your house! Likewise, continuing flea and tick prevention throughout the cooler months ensures a solid barrier for those days at the end of the season where we start to warm up again.

Popular flea treatments for dogs include Comfortis Plus and Bravecto for dogs, both of which are available at Pet Guardians. If you are unsure what the most suitable flea and tick prevention is for your dog or cat please contact Pet Guardians.