Pet birds are a lovely addition to any household and family.

Birds can be a lovely addition to any household and if you’re thinking about getting a feathery friend for your family there are some things you might need to consider first.


A well treated bird is a great part of the family and will always love to join in with whatever you are doing. The term ‘bird brain’ is widely unfair because most birds can count, understand certain words and even learn some impressive tricks. While you are with them, birds like budgies will love to crawl all over you while you’re sitting watching TV, and parrots will impress you with their clever conversations. Finches are even likely to sing along to Youtube videos. It goes without saying that birds can have beautiful personalities that make your home an even better place to be.


Unfortunately it is often that intelligence that can lead to a bored bird. Similar to a bored dog, a bored bird will get into trouble and will often cut at itself or pull out feathers. This sort of self-mutilation is a sign of depression and anxiety and is especially common in single birds. Therefore, if considering a bird you may want to think about getting two or more to keep each other company.


While this is mainly regarding parrots, birds that are scared will often bite and those with bigger beaks can do a meaningful amount of damage. Therefore, it is important to make sure that children are supervised and an adult that the bird trusts is always present.


It often comes as a bit of a shock to pet bird owners just how much birds are to care for. Without even considering the initial set up of the cage, chew toys, dishes and Vet fees, a pet bird is a considerable expense per month for pet food alone. It is important to consider all costs before buying a pet to ensure you can care for them for the entirety of their lifetime.


Birds are noisy creatures and some more than others. While indoor birds might not bother the neighbours, an outdoor aviary can be surprisingly noisy for the people surrounding you. It is important to assess whether this will be tolerable now, and into the future.


The lifetime of a pet bird may be longer than you imagine. Budgies and finches can live between 6-20 years and canaries can live up to a possible 30 years. Macaws impress with a lifespan that can reach 80 years! Do the research before you decide to make this possible long-term commitment.

There is no doubt about the joy a pet bird can bring into your life, however, if you are considering adding a pet bird to your family it is important to do some research so you know that you can commit whole heartedly to their care.