Give your feline some fun and variety to keep them happy indoors!

Keeping a cat indoors rather than letting them outdoors is certainly the safer option of the two. The casualties to wildlife as well as the dangers of the road give an outdoor cat a severely reduced lifespan as well as a significant impact on surrounding species.

There’s no doubt about it, an indoor cat has only limited resources at their disposal to feed their “call of the wild” instincts, and therefore are easily at risk at becoming bored and possibly obese. A lack of daily stimulation can create a discontent pet so it is important to give him or her something to satisfy their urge to hunt and play.

Cats are amazing playful at times, especially during sunrise and sunset. These are their most active periods, leaving the rest of the day to catch up on their beauty sleep, so make sure to utilise that energy while it’s there.

Here are four ways to give your indoor feline some fun:

•  To give your cat a good workout you can use a laser pointer, mouse on a string or various other toys to stimulate a chase. There are some amazing inventions made for exactly this, like this one

•  Kitty condos and towers give cats a chance to get climbing and sink their claws into something other than the sofa. They will also love the vertical advantage of looking down over their kingdom.

•  If your cat is prone to laziness and loves to eat then make them work for their meal. Instead of feeding your cat their meal in front of them, try hiding it in various places to give them a sense of having to hunt for their food. You can also try separating their food and water bowls, ideally forcing them to move to get between them.

•  If your indoor cat has a real call of the wild instinct you can always try them on a cat harness and take them for a walk, letting them sink their claws into grass and soil.

Ideally, cats should be kept indoors for their benefit and the benefit of local wildlife. With a bit of organisation and effort it is easy to make sure than an indoor cat has all the benefits of a life in the wild.