Make your pet's heart your #1 priority this Valentine's Day!With Valentine's Day coming up, there's never a better time to talk about your pet's heart health.

Knowing the early signs means you can seek medical help from your vet, they can start treatment early, your pet will feel better and in most cases live a longer life!

As a general rule, heart failure affects the pumping mechanism of the heart and oxygenated blood does not travel around your pet's body effectively. This can have an impact on your pet's overall health as blood ends up pooling in their lungs and/or abdomen leading to detrimental changes in other organs.

Note that our feline friends seem to be very good at hiding signs of heart disease (especially since we don't tend to take them for walks!).


Laboured or fast breathing - the most common sign in cats
An enlarged abdomen
Weight loss or poor appetite


Coughing, especially at night
A reluctance to exercise and tiring more easily on walks
Weakness or fainting associated with exercise
If your vet is concerned about your pet's heart they will recommend X-rays and an ultrasound of the heart. An ECG or further examination with a heart specialist may also be required.

Thankfully, improved heart function and management of heart disease is advancing quickly in the veterinary industry.

If you think your pet is showing one or more of the above signs, it is important that your vet see them for an examination, as early treatment can help your pet lead a longer and happier life.

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