They give you their heart so make sure to keep it safe!

Heartworm is a nasty disease transmitted through mosquitos. Just one bite and your pet could be infected. When positive, your pets quality of life will start to diminish over time and treatment is a difficult and cost heavy procedure.

There is more than one way to protect your pet from the dreaded heartworm, but before we delve into that it is important to have your pet tested for heartworms if they haven't already been on prevention.

So, once your pet is ready and tested with a negative reading you can get started on your research about the several effective options and what would suit you and your pet best.


Coming in the form of chews or tablets, monthly heartworm medications often contain Ivermectin or Milbemycin and treat more than one type of parasite, including fleas, hookworm, roundworm and whipworm.

PROS: Given only once a month. Easy to treat. Perfect for pets who get wet or are washed regularly. Treat more than one parasite.

CONS: Must watch your pet to make sure they consume the entire tablet/chew or it will lose its effectiveness.


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Available for both dogs and cats, this type of treatment is applied monthly to the skin on the back of your pet’s neck or shoulderblades. These treatments are also effective in the treatment and prevention of fleas and mites. Selamectin and Moxidectin are often the active ingredients of such treatments.

PROS: Given only once a month. Easy to use.

CONS: Some pets may object to having it on their skin and will rub to try and remove it. It is important that the treatment is not ingested.




Available in a FDA approved shot, yearly heartworm prevention injections use the active ingredient and neurotoxin, Moxidectin, which is slowly released into your pet’s bloodstream. This injection is administered into the back of the neck by your Vet.

PROS: Can be done annually with other pet vaccinations. Available straight away for those wanting to switch from other treatments.

CONS: Only available for dogs, not cats. Can only be administered by a Veterinarian. Does not protect against intestinal parasites like whipworms, roundworms etc.


PET GUARDIANS has a large selection of heartworm preventatives available for once off purchases or with automatic delivery straight to your front door! 

As with all treatments, reactions and allergies may be present in your pet so observe them carefully after application and adjust accordingly. If you need help choosing the best heartworm prevention for your pet simply contact PET GUARDIANS for more information.