Heatstroke in PetsOur pets can’t sweat all over their bodies like humans can. They rely on panting to get rid of the hot air and only produce a small amount of sweat through their foot pads. This makes them extremely susceptible to heatstroke in hot and humid conditions.

Heatstroke can be particularly dangerous and even fatal so it’s important to be able to recognize the signs and know what to do.


• Provide fresh water daily
• Provide plenty of shade for your pet
• Bring outdoor pets indoors on very hot days
• Provide ventilation for indoor pets
• Do not exercise your pet during the hottest hours of the day


• Excessive panting
• Exaggerated and noisy panting
• Lethargy
• Drooling
• Weakness or collapse
• Vomiting


• Bring your pet to the Vet immediately (or seek emergency veterinary care).
• On your way you can cool your pet by applying wet towels to hairless parts of your pet’s body (groin or paws).
• Place your pet in front of the air conditioner or a fan while you are in the car.
NOTE: Never use icy water or ice as this may exacerbate the problem

If you are ever worried about your pet in the heat call your local Vet immediately for advice.