How often should i feed my dog?If it was up to your dog you’d be feeding them every five minutes! You’d end up with a bowling ball on legs and a very full pup! So, the question is...


This is a question that has varying answers depending on who you ask in the dog community. But the more important question to be asking is, how much should I be feeding my dog? This question can be answered by reviewing things like how many times a day does your dog eat, how big is your dog, what is their metabolic rate, their exercise level and more. All these factor into how many times and how much to feed your dog.

Typically, the food label on the pet food bag will indicate an appropriate amount of food needed daily. When combining this advice with your own personal knowledge of your dog’s energy levels and exercise you can decipher the appropriate amount needed. For example, a sluggish and inactive Staffordshire Terrier would not require as much as a hyperactive Poodle of the same weight class.

And remember, it is important to measure when it comes to keeping your fur friend in top shape. Guesswork can mean significant variations in the amount you are feeding them and can lead to weight gain/loss.


Once you have an understanding of the amount you will feed your dog and have divided this into two portions for the day then it is important to have a scheduled meal time and stick to it for stability and peace of mind for your dog. It is recommended that you split this amount in half and separate the meals by about 8-12 hours during the day. With this in mind, puppies should be fed about three times daily.

Some pet parents keep it simple and leave their dog’s daily portion out for them to graze at throughout the day, which will work for some and not others. For those dogs that are prone to accidents around the house a set feeding time will help to schedule their motions as well.

A healthy pup starts with their diet and feeding them the right amount and setting a scheduled time for meals is one of the most important ways to giving them a healthy and stable life. Once you have the routine in place make sure to stick with it! Your furry friend’s health and happiness is the biggest reward!