At this time of the year, it is not uncommon for us to see wildlife suffering from heat stress and dehydration.

Birds, possums and koalas are often the ones commonly affected and it’s handy to know what to look out for and how you can help.

Signs of heat stress:

- Weak and lethargic 
- Confused 
- Venturing down to ground level searching for water (especially possums and koalas) 
- Birds opening their beaks constantly or holding their wings away from their body

How you can help our native furry and feathered friends at home? 
Provide multiple containers of water around your garden at varying heights - try and put them in protected areas such as hidden under a bush amongst the garden so the animals feel safe. Don't forget to place a stick or rock in the water, so if an animal falls in, they won't drown. Also provide small bowls of water with marbles in so insects can land and drink without drowning. Be sure to keep your dogs and cats away from wildlife to allow them to come down and drink safely.

What should you do if you find injured or heat stressed wildlife? 
We recommend you have a read of the information provided here. It gives detailed instructions on helping wildlife affected by bushfires but is also applicable for many situations. Remember, whenever you are helping wildlife you need to make sure YOU are safe (a good example of this is when you stop to check wildlife on the side of the road as other traffic can pose as a potential hazard to you).

Always make YOUR safety the priority!