Separation anxiety in dogsDogs are social creatures and they form strong bonds with humans. Most dogs cope ok with the daily separation from their owners but unfortunately some dogs will become very distressed and even destructive, a problem known as separation anxiety.


  • Barking, howling
  • Excessive chewing, digging and pacing
  • Destruction and scratching of barriers - especially near doors and windows
  • House soiling


  • Take your dog for a walk before you leave the house
  • Don’t make huge fuss when you leave your dog or when you return
  • Start small - leave your dog alone for only five minutes extending to twenty minutes then an hour, then longer
  • Leave your dog with plenty of stimulating toys, chews and mind games
  • Leave the radio or television on for company
  • Try ADAPTIL, which is available as a diffuser or collar that dispenses pheromones to gently sooth your anxious pooch.

It is important to work on reaching a point where your dog no longer feels anxious when you are not around, for his happiness and safety as well as your own peace of mind. There are several methods that can be used, but if you see no improvement with the tips above then please seek advice from your local veterinarian.