THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS THE CORNER STONE TO GOOD HEALTH IN OUR PETS.The immune system is important to your pet’s overall health, as well as warding off diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer and infections. So if we told you that you can strengthen your pet's immune system with some easy steps then we know you’ll want to know more!

Getting your pet moving is key to boosting overall health and that vital immune system. Excess fat secretes more than three dozen hormones which promote inflammation in the body, subsequently weakening the immune system. The best way to stop this – fat-burning exercise! Since dogs are naturally active creatures, all you need most of the time is a toy for them to play with between good walks.

Because the gut contains about 70% of the immune system, a good diet is vital to your pet's good health. However, good nutrition isn’t the same for every pet, so we recommend a visit to your local vet to talk about what diet would suit yours. Pet Guardians offers a wide range of nutritious and healthy choices at great low prices. Plus, with our MULTI-BUY discounts the more you buy the greater the discount you receive!

Sometimes supplements are needed to boost areas that your pet’s diet is lacking. Probiotics are beneficial because they help to strengthen the digestive tract, thus helping immunity. Fish oil supplements are also impressive in the way they can deter inflammation with omega-3 fatty acids. We advise care in this area as overdoing some ingredients can cause confliction and may interfere with absorption. Always talk to your vet first before starting your pet on a supplement regime and see our pet health sections for the best quality supplements available on the market.

There is scientific proof that the power of touch and massage for promoting relaxation and healing is highly beneficial to overall health. The same goes for our pets! Giving them a daily rub down can reduce stress hormone levels in the body, and enhance immune system function. Plus, it’s fun!

Keeping your pet in good health is as simple as giving them a good lifestyle with good food, plenty of exercise and plenty of attention. It's easy!