It’s a task that some owners find daunting, which is understandable. Cats often don’t hold back when they tell you they don’t like something and they are not afraid to show you how upset they are. While not the case for all medications, some come in pill-form and cannot be given any other way but orally, so let’s look at the best practice for administering them.

Crushing pills in food and hiding them in treats is not always recommended as you cannot be sure that the entirety of the pill has been eaten. Please read on for the most reliable method.


Oral dosing best assures that the entire pill has been consumed and if done correctly can be relatively stress-free for you and your cat. Remember to keep movements deliberate as any swift movements will encourage your cat to strike at you. Similarly, any nervousness you feel will also be reflected in your feline friend, so try and stay calm prior and during the dosing.

•  Holding the pill with one hand use the other to gently and securely grasp the top of your cat’s head. Apply a gentle amount of pressure with your thumb and index finger on either side of the head, on the cheekbones.

•  Tilt the head back nearly ninety degrees and the mouth will start to open. With the hand holding the pill use the ring finger to gently pry open the mouth and drop the tablet as far back on the tongue as possible.

•  With your index and middle fingers stroke the throat to encourage swallowing.

•  Reward your cat for their co-operation.

The trick is to do this quickly, as any hesitation from you will be felt by your cat and they will take advantage of it.

Pet Guardians also offers a PET PILLER for those cats who are particularly difficult to medicate.