Paws on Hot PavementMany owners don’t even think that a Summer stroll with their pooch can yield some pretty nasty results on their pet’s paws. Because we wear shoes we often overlook the fact that concrete and asphalt can reach scorching, paw pad burning temperatures, and our precious pooch faces the consequences.

 Here are our top 5 tips for keeping your fur friend’s paws from feeling the heat this Summer! 

• Walk early morning or early evening
• Walk on shaded, grassy areas
• Use Vaseline as a barrier on paw pads (but be aware this can rub off)
• Get dog booties or thick socks
• Wash your dog’s paws regularly and check for damage
• Moisturise your dog’s paws regularly to prevent cracking


• Limping
• Reluctance to walk
• Red/pink colour changes on the paw pads
• Licking or chewing feet
• Deep cracks or blisters

Please keep in mind that your dog’s paws are more susceptible to heat after they have been swimming.

If you notice any of the above signs it is best to seek advice from your local Vet.