Keeping your senior pet happy and healthyCaring for a senior pet is an important job and your furry friends are relying on you to guide them through their twilight years.


1. Keep your eyes open for changes in behaviour, weight, appetite, thirst and urination. The presence of a cough, a change in sleeping habits, stiff joints, a new lump and accidents around the house can all be a sign of underlying illness. Instead of putting these changes down to 'getting old' arrange a check up with your vet.

2. Choose a premium diet for dogs and cats suitable for a mature pet. These help to maintain ideal body condition and will improve longevity. Pet Guardians have a wide range of suitable foods, as well as dog health products and cat health products that can help prevent disease, soothe sore joints, care for teeth, ears and more!

3. As mentioned above, a regular health check (ideally every 6 months) is absolutely essential for your ageing pet. Your pet can experience significant changes in a single year (equivalent to 6-8 human years). A veterinary examination will allow your vet to pick up on any issues as soon as possible and start treatment if necessary. Pet Guardians has a huge range of discounted prescription medications that can be obtained with a script written by your vet. See here for more information.

Taking these 3 simple steps will make a world of difference to your pet's quality of life. We highly recommend them to every pet parent with a senior pet.

At Pet Guardians, we sell a range of prescription medications, including vetmedin, fortekor and pexion. To purchase prescription medication online, you will need to have a valid script from a registered vet. Contact Pet Guardians today for all your pet needs.