preventing an itchy petItchiness can be excruciatingly annoying for your pet. Itching quickly leads to trauma of the skin and can cause secondary skin infections that require antibiotic treatment.Your dog may bite, lick or scratch at themselves with their legs. Cats on the other hand are more likely to lick at particular areas and hair loss is often the first sign of an itchy feline.

 Here are our top tips for preventing an itch: 

1. Be vigilant with flea treatment all year round. Fleas are THE major cause of an itchy pet and regular use of a flea treatment is the cheaper and easier option! We have the newest and most effective products on the market available for cats and dogs..

2. Biting flies can be a real problem at this time of the year but getting the right insect repellant can make all the difference!

3. Keep your pet's skin and coat in top shape to provide a good barrier from allergens - look for a premium diet balanced in essential fatty acids or check out our foods designed for allergies and skin health.

4. Only ever wash your dog in pet shampoo and conditioner - some products can help improve the barrier of the skin, protecting from allergens - check out our skin care range!

5. Some pets may find relief with an antihistamine or a medication that can help to reduce the immune system's response to the allergen. In this case you will need to see your vet and may require a prescription medication. See our HOW TO ORDER page to get the best deal on your pet's prescriptions!

If your pet is itchy you should arrange a check up with your vet.

DISCLAIMER: The advice given in this article is of a general nature. Pet Guardians Australia recommends a health check with your local vet at least once a year for advice pertaining to your pet's individual circumstances.