Rabbit Proofing Your HomeRabbits are quite curious creatures and love to get their little noses into places and things that they shouldn’t! This is why it’s important to make sure your home is bunny proof so no damage is done to them or your belongings.


Because rabbits are natural born diggers any flooring around your home that isn’t solid will most likely be ruined. There is also a possibility that the porous fibres will be ingested. This includes carpeting, padding and rugs. For the most bunny-safe floor, choose an area that has linoleum, tiles or laminates. The reason we don’t recommend baseboards is that wooden corners and edges are like catnip to a rabbit. If your rabbit must roam areas with baseboard or carpeting then it is best to put protectors in place to save your surfaces.


If you have wooden doors exposed to a rabbit then be prepared for the bottoms and corners to be chewed. To counter this you can install a kick plate. Also remove any door stops you have lying around and instead use one that is at the top of any doors. Wall guards are also fantastic options.


Not only are these hard to replace on electronics and furnishings, but they are extremely dangerous when chewed into with risks including shocks, burns and possible death to your rabbit. Ensure all cords are out of reach, and utilize ceiling lights where your bunny roams. Cord protectors, PVC pipes and tubing can be used in desperate cases and using a baby proof electrical outlet plug is advised as your rabbit could chew into wall outlets as well.


Furniture legs are just as tasty to your rabbit so these need some serious protecting as well. Try flex tubing and large PVC piping if necessary. People have been creative and used flower pots and plastic furniture protectors as well.


Ideally, remove all the pot plants in the areas your bunny roams. Some plants can be dangerous to rabbits and others will just be dug up and the fallout will be the big mess you are left to clean up.


Rabbits are remarkably trainable and providing distractions for them to sink their teeth into will help give the rest of your home a respite. Pieces of wood, hay, cotton towels, carrots and compressed cubes of alfalfa are great alternatives to your furniture and flooring!


To help deter your rabbit from making a meal of your home, bitterant sprays can be sprayed over furniture, décor, rugs and other items to discourage the behaviour. Lotions and creams are also useful.

In short, rabbits are great company but can create quite a wave of destruction around your place. However, if you prepare wisely, you’ll find you can enjoy the company of your bunny companion without worrying about the consequences of their curious and nibbly natures.

PLEASE NOTE: Rabbits are allowed as pets in all states of Australia except Queensland, where they are completely prohibited.

DISCLAIMER: The advice given in this article is of a general nature. Pet Guardians Australia recommends a health check with your local vet at least once a year for advice pertaining to your pet's individual circumstances.