SPRINGTIME DOESN’T HAVE TO MEAN FLEAS, TICKS AND ITCHES FOR YOUR PET!Spring is upon us, and renown for bringing out those allergies! Well, we as humans are not alone. Our pets can also suffer with seasonal itches and scratches, not to mention parasites! Whether it is allergies, fungal infections, heartworm, fleas or ticks, don’t leave it too late to protect your furry friend!


If your pet starts to itch you are not alone! Skin sensitivies are common in pets and spring allergies can cause your furry friend to be miserable. Contact with grasses and plants can cause reddened and itchy skin and are often soothed by medicated shampoos or shampoos for sensitivities.

Airborne allergies (also called Atopy) are often a condition that we see in pets from 1-3 years of age and can progress from being a seasonal problem to a year round problem.

Please note: If you cannot stop that itch then we recommend that you see your local veterinarian for advice, as itches can also be a signal of issues such as mites, bacterial infections, fungal infections or fleas.


Fleas are no fun for anyone! By the time they are on your pet they are usually everywhere else as well, and trying to get rid of them can be a real nightmare!

Because we are getting these lovely warmer temperatures, flea larvae will begin to hatch. If your dog or cat are not given flea prevention the chances of them getting fleas at this time of year will be very high. We recommend keeping prevention going year round, since it only takes a single bite from a flea to cause your fur friend to itch like crazy.


Ticks are crafty critters. They can be laying in wait in grasses or bushes and will latch on to your pet as soon as they brush by. Like fleas, they are coming out in their forces at this time of year, meaning dangerous repercussions for pets that are not protected.

Prevention is cheaper and less traumatising than the cure of tick toxicity so we recommend the best of the best tick prevention that is available right here on Pet Guardians! Also avoid letting your fur friend roam around in bushes, coastal forests, long grasses and overgrown shrubbery.

Flea and tick prevention comes in the form of spot ons, sprays, tick collars, rinses or tablets.

Please note: Most tick preventions are poisonous to cats. We recommend Frontline Plus Spray as a safe alternative.


Heartworm disease is spread by pesky mosquitos, and while incidences are low nowadays it is mostly due to the prevention methods used by many pet owners. Heartworm can severely affect your pet’s quality of life and heartworm prevention should be used year-round, or at least during times when the mosquito population is thriving.

Please note: Giving heartworm prevention to an infected pet can be very dangerous so please see your vet for a heartworm test before commencing.

Spring might seem to be out to get your pet, but with the use of these preventative measures your furry friend will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather as much as you do!