Get Rid Of Urine Stains On Your GrassIf you are frustrated with the urine stains on your lawn then you are not alone! Thankfully, this problem has a few easy solutions that will leave you with much better grass in just a short time!


Nitrogen is a healthy component in soil, but the high concentration in your dog’s urine can have an negative effect, leaving brown and yellow burns. If you also use a lawn fertiliser that contains nitrogen you may end up with very unsightly grass. In addition, the highly acidic or alkaline urine may alter the soil’s PH in that area.

It is believed that female dog urine has a more undesirable effect, but this is simply because a female dog squats and concentrates on one spot rather than the “spraying” motion of male dogs.


There are several ways to prevent urine stains on your grass, and trying more than one at a time will give maximum results:

  1. Train your dog to urinate in one area. There are also urine-resistant ground coverings that can be placed in that area to protect it.
  2. Use a hose to water down the area after your dog urinates. By doing this you are diluting the high nitrogen levels, which is very healthy for grass and you’ll notice the difference quickly.
  3. Use low nitrogen fertilizer for your lawn (make sure it’s pet-safe too)
  4. Secure your garden for any animal intruders that may come visiting from time to time.
  5. Use products like Urine-Off that stops your pet from urinating in certain areas

Urine stains don't have to be a fait accompli. With a little care you can turn those burnt, stained patches into lovely, healthy grass again!