Summer can be a pain when it comes to sensitive skins and allergic pets, and no one likes to see their fur friends feeling uncomfortable. Warm weather brings about all sorts of pesky things and allergies, not to mention the fleas, ticks and other biters that can set off itchy spells in our pets.

Pets can even have allergies to things like grass, trees, pollen, dust mites, mould and certain foods, which can trigger them to bite, lick and scratch like crazy. When this becomes the case self-inflicted trauma from this itching can easily lead to secondary infections and this is when things become a bit pricey.

With a little preparation you can save yourself and your fur friend the aggravation.

• Be vigilant with flea treatment all year round as those fleas can cause major irritations.

• Keep your fur friend away from those ‘problem’ plants like Wandering Jew and Paspalum grasses.

• For cats, avoid fishy foods – while this may surprise you, fishy foods can often be the underlying cause of skin and gastrointestinal problems in our feline friends.

• When itches occur use a soothing skin treatment.

And now for the good news! PET GUARDIANS has many affordable flea and tick preventatives available, as well as skin treatments to soothe those itches. Do you have a prescribed medication to treat those allergies and skin problems? Simply visit our “How to Order” page to learn more on ordering your pet’s medication through us.