It’s never too late to teach your bird to talk!

For those of you with birds, you know that some of them can live a long time. Take the Parrot, for example. A Parrot can live 60+ years, which gives them a lot of time to get bored in that cage day after day. But many birds are avid learners and there’s nothing like the rewards of talking to your pet and having them talk back to you.

Here are the key factors of teaching your bird a new trick:


Teaching any pet comes with the need for patience, whether it’s a dog, cat, guinea pig or bird! Some pets pick up new tricks naturally, others not so much. Therefore, teaching any new trick is going to require a fair amount of patience.

Keep It Positive

Everyone loves a good reward, and the same goes for our pets. Nothing invites us to want to do well more than a treat once it’s done! With that in mind, always remember never to scold or raise your voice, but to praise and keep those incentives coming!

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

There is more than one way to keep your bird thinking over his new trick. One way is to have conversations with them during the day. You will be surprised how quickly they pick up words when you use them regularly. You can also try deliberately repeating the word or movement you are trying to teach them for set periods per day.

Switch It Up!

Once you start teaching your bird tricks you’ll be amazed at how easy it is! You’ll begin to understand what works for them and what doesn’t! To keep things interesting and alleviate too much of the same thing you can try to teach them more than one trick at a time, alternating during different times of the day.

Using A Clicker

Using a clicker with bird training is also a proven and effective method. Simply click the clicker quickly whenever your bird has performed a trick correctly. To get your bird used to a clicker you need to condition them to understand it as a positive reinforcement. This is done by clicking the clicker once and then immediately following with a treat. Do this repeatedly to make sure they understand the correlation.

And remember: there is no bird too old to learn new tricks!