The Importance of TaurineThe amino acid, Taurine, is vitally important to your cat’s health and wellbeing and is one of those nutrients that MUST be obtained through diet.

This nutrient is crucial for the heart, vision, digestive and reproductive health of your cat and is most easily found in animal-based proteins.

Because the carnivorous nature of cats means they need to survive entirely on protein, the meat-based cat food available on Pet Guardians is all they need to get their daily dose of Taurine.

Because Taurine is essential to you cat’s health, a deficiency can cause some severe health problems, including blindness, tooth decay and weakened heart muscles.

Because these issues are often slow to develop, symptoms are usually evident when the situation is very serious. A trip to your vet will result in blood work, x-rays and eye examinations along with a specialised test to detect Taurine levels in your pet which will need to be sent away for analysis.

Commercially prepared cat food has regulated taurine levels, so you can be assured that your cat is getting exactly what he or she needs. Should you decide to feed a home cooked diet then it is important to consult with your veterinarian to ensure that taurine levels are correct. In some cases supplementation is necessary to bridge the gap. Make sure you also visit your vet regularly to make sure their health is optimal.