KEEPING YOUR PET HYDRATED IS JUST AS IMPORTANT IN THE WINTER MONTHS!Just like for humans, water is an important part of healthy, living cells in our pet’s bodies. Therefore, making sure your pet is getting enough of the stuff is as vital to keeping them feeling well as a whole, balanced diet.


Water has vital functions throughout the body, like:

  • Carrying important nutrients into and out of cells
  • Aiding the digestion of food
  • Helping in the absorption of vital nutrients
  • Maintaining normal body temperature
  • Lubricating and cushioning joints
  • Removing waste products through urination and bowel movements


Because the days are cooler your pet may not feel the need to drink as much in Winter as in Summer, meaning they can become dehydrated without a hot day. Dehydration is a serious issue and can cause organ damage and failure in severe cases.

Most healthy dogs will drink enough to keep themselves hydrated. In cases of illness, like kidney disease, metabolic disorders, cancer and pregnant/nursing animals, dehydration can become an issue.


Your pet may be dehydrated if you:

• pick up a fold of loose skin at the shoulderblades, release it and the skin does not return to place quickly.
• check your pet’s mouth and gums are dry, sticky, or pale.
• check their eyes and they are sunken or eyes, nose or mouth are dry.

If you notice any of these signs please get your pet to the vet immediately!


Providing clean, fresh water daily is the best way to keep your pet hydrated. Water fountains are a great incentive for pets who like running water.

Adding water to their meals is also a great hydration boost. Just make sure you give them plenty of access to relieve themselves! ;)