Things your canine friend shouldn't eatAre you aware of some of the potential doggy dangers out there? Some of them may surprise even the most savvy pet parents!

This list is not complete and these are just a few of the hazards we find people forget about or are not aware of.

GRAPES, SULTANAS & RAISINS: induce kidney failure in some dogs

MACADAMIA NUTS: cause weakness, vomiting and diarrhoea

AVOCADOS: lead to a stomach upset and the pip can also cause an obstruction if ingested

ONIONS, LEEKS, GARLIC & CHIVES: ingestion leads to destruction of red blood cells

CHEWING GUM: contains Xylitol and this can cause weakness and seizures

APRICOT, CHERRY & PEACH PIPS & APPLE SEEDS: contain cyanide and may cause poisoning

CORN ON THE COB: the corn might be digested, but the cob may lodge in the small intestine causing a blockage

CHOCOLATE: you've probably heard this before, but remember chocolate is toxic to dogs and ingestion of just a small amount can be fatal - cooking chocolate and dark chocolate are the most dangerous

RODENT BAIT: can lead to blood clotting problems 3-14 days after ingestion

SNAIL BAIT: can cause seizures and even death

STOCKINGS, UNDIES & SOCKS: are all attractive to dogs and can cause a nasty intestinal obstruction

If you think your dog might have ingested something that's on this list you should call your vet immediately.